Covid-19 and a visit to the market

2 min readMar 20, 2020


The entire country plans to shut down on Sunday. I had to make arrangements, mostly to prepare for any eventuality. Got near my car all set to go, but Trap (our building cat) was sitting under the engine. I shooed him off and dumped my empty bags into the car.

At the vegetable market, almost everyone had a scarf tied to their heads, covering the nose and mouth. I was a bit happy, to see people finally having an awareness of sorts. I looked for some ginger, as it is good to fight flu — but I couldn’t find it. One section of veggies was super crowded, this was where the ginger lay fresh and happy. To reach that piece of ginger, I would have had to cross this sea of humans without knowledge of who had the Corona bomb. I decided to not be the warrior I never was. Good bye ginger! I’d rather live with whatever immunity I have.

I moved to the leafy greens section and bought a bunch of greens. My hands — by then, had officially “touched” them.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

I could notice my brain telling me — don’t touch your nose, don’t touch your eyes, don’t touch your mouth.

I paid the money in cash and took the 50 bucks in return. Again reminding, myself, a note touched by another human deserves a hand wash.

A visit to another store to buy the remainder of the list, made me cover my face. Because a 100% people there did it. I did not want to feel like I wasn’t supporting the Corona cause. Herd mentality surely works I thought. By this time, my nose had started to feel itchy. Even with fingers on my hand, I wasn’t able to do the ‘simple itch’. The most ordinary actions, had started to feel like a privilege. I am sure my fingers are happy that Corona has finally given them the attention they deserve.

As I drove back, I could notice my part of town turning into zombie-land. Shutters down, the least number of people for a busy evening, the bright lights from stores non-existent now. It was a melancholic feeling —on one hand, the good feeling of seeing responsible citizens and on another, the helpless situation that nature has put the world into.

When I returned, Trap was back at my parking slot, I shooed him again. Went home, washed my hands for 20 seconds as World Health Organization told me. Looking at my hands, my nose smiled :)




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