The happiness thanks to a pig!

2 min readJul 12, 2022


It was a strange site I woke up to. Outside my window, I was able to see the lawn of the neighbouring space. A lot of it, empty and filled with wild grass. It was raining. The space was wonderfully green. A pack of local dogs were barking at this new animal which resembled the shape of a four legged animal but wasn’t a dog. To my surprise, it was a full grown pink coloured pig.

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

The pig was chubby, simple and slow. He stared at the dogs as they continued to bark. It was drinking water from the freshly formed puddle. His flat nose was sniffing the air in between his muddy sips. He was free from any worry from the barking dogs.

I couldn’t help watching the entire thing. Fascinated as to how a full grown non-wild pig landed in the plot. The sight was funny because it is normal to see dogs, cats and cows at random places where I live. But a pig? Are you serious? Is that a pig? — Yes it was!

He continued being himself. On a rough cement wall he started rubbing one side of his body. It seemed like he was feeling itchy. He then started rubbing his forehead. In the end, it was his bum that he started scratching across the wall. His short tail was trying to swat some flies as they tried to land on him. The entire time I was laughing out loud and just continued to stare at the poor creature.

After a short itch session, he went back to the puddle and started session two of drinking the muddy rain water. Meanwhile, passersby carried on with their life. A man riding on his bike. A woman walking to work. A man entering his car. No one bothered to look at the lone pig. The busy lives of these people brought him the great luck of being around unheeded.

It was an extra-ordinary morning. Out of all things something that gave me a hearty laugh and some child-like fascination was a silly pig who lost his way.